Basic Math Deluxe

This is a mathematical learning tool that will not be obsolete as your child grows older and acquires new skills. There is no age limitation because every feature and setting is user-configurable.

Click the links below to view video clips of the corresponding features. More clips will be added progressively.

New keyboard (1 Aug 2009)
A new keyboard has been implemented. The Answer button is now closer to the number buttons, so your finger doesn't have to travel too much.

Keyboard input
Basic Math Deluxe offers you two ways to answer questions. You can either choose one of the multiple-choice (MCQ) buttons or type in the answer through a keyboard. For beginner students, the MCQ would be useful, as a form of hint. For the more advanced students, the keyboard entry mode offers the greatest challenge. No more guesswork.

Right to left mode
This mode requires you solve the units place first, followed by the tens, then the hundreds and so on. Essentially, you start from the right side and move towards the left.

Mixed mode
Instead of solving just the addition or the subtraction questions, you can configure a mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions for each round. This will really give your brain a great workout.

Times table
If you just want to practice the multiplication tables, this is the feature for you. You can choose just one table, or a set of tables between two values you set.

Report Card
Do you want to track your performance in the exercises? Well, you can with the Report Card.

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