Toy Clock

This is an innovative application to help you teach your child everything he/she needs to know about time and clock. Learn to set the clock and to tell the time shown on the clock.

Click the links below to view video clips of the corresponding features. More clips will be added progressively.

Set the clock
Given a time, you have to drag the clock hands to reflect the time. You need to position the hour and minute hands properly. Moreover, time can be expressed using numbers or as a phrase, so you are trained to recognise time in various formats.

Tell the time
You need to tell the time shown on the clock. You need to know which is the hour hand and which is the minute hand.

Mixed mode
In this mode, you will be randomly asked to sometimes set the clock and, at other times, to tell the time shown. You need to pay attention to the questions asked.

Voice mode
Instead of reading the time, you now need to listen to the time as it is announced by a male voice. Get used to time as it is spoken in a conversation.