What is this application all about?

This app aims to provide near-instantaneous alerts to road users about the conditions on the road. The alerts are triggered by:

Users can notify others about the presence of traffic policemen or about traffic congestion. This is the Android equivalent to the iOS app by the same name. Any alert you send from your Android device will be immediately pushed to the iOS and Android users. Likewise, if you have configured your device, you will receive similar notifications through alerts submitted by other iOS/Android users. Please read the FAQ page within the app for more information on how to submit an alert.



Depending on the model of Android device you have and the OS version it runs, installing this app involves downloading/copying TrafficAlert.apk, available below, to your device and install through Settings or My Files app. Otherwise, please follow the steps below: To uninstall Traffic Alert, go to Settings\Applications Manager, select TrafficAlert, then Uninstall.

To turn off notifications:

Screen shots

Traffic Police and Traffic Jam alerts are contributed by users (iOS/Android/Windows Mobile). Refresh using the hardware Menu button.Configure the alerts you wish to receive through push notification. You can optionally turn on audio alerts that accompany the notifications.
You can rate the validity of alert. If necessary, you may SMS or email the alert to friends/relatives.When you submit an alert, please provide as accurate, precise and logical information as possible. Depending on your location, you may use the built-in GPS.


Android Traffic Alert v1.1 for Jelly Bean 4.2 (251 KB) 15 Feb 2013 This version supports the Android enhanced notification available to Jelly Bean 4.2 only
Android Traffic Alert v1.1 (251 KB) 8 Feb 2013 Push notification is enabled. Changes in the user interface.
Android Traffic Alert v1.0 Initial release. Please read the in-app FAQ for more information. Users can submit, retrieve and rate alerts.

Final note

This application is only as good as the information provided by fellow users. Please do not abuse it by sending incorrect information. We hope the application will be useful to you. Offensive, inappropriate and vulgar language will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate device ban.

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